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Viable Logistics Limited is a small company that specialises in highly secure storage and discreet delivery. Our security is not something we have added as an afterthought, it is inherent in our location. Our security is fundamentaly different to the norm. Whilst we do not wish to denegrate the excellent efforts made by others to protect their buildings and your property, the reality is that illegality is only stopped or hindered by the physical presense of law enforcement on the ground. CCTV is great for producing evidence after the event, but is not in itself a means of prevention. It is at best a deterrent to some. It is also true that whilst a remote location reduces the chance of passing opportunist events, it also increases the response time in the case of a determined and well planned robbery.

When considering your storage partner, if security is of concern to you, we would respectfully ask that you ascertain exactly what the various pronouncements on security really mean.

For example, We all carry insurance, the trick is to reduce the chances of it being called upon.

When you have a good idea of the rest, have a look at where we are. Location and Visitors
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Building 91 REME, Budds Lane, Bordon, Hampshire, GU35 0JE