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 Location and Visitors 

We specialise in the off-site storage and retrieval of confidential material. Confidential is an over used and often abused term, so it is essential that we define what we mean when we use the word:-     A document can be classified as confidential when you can control who has access at all times, and you can list all the people that have access by name. You must be confident that those you have listed are who they say they are and that they will respect the status of the information. If you cannot with certainty testify to all this then you must assume that the document is no longer confidential and may well be in the public domain.
On the Surrey/Hampshire border, 20 miles from the M25. We can be at Reading, Slough, Portsmouth, or South-West London within the hour. All collections and deliveries are performed with our own vehicles driven by our own pre-declared Security Cleared staff. Security is second to none with the perimeter patrolled by the Ministry of Defence Guard Service.
 Example Storage Tariff Purchase
Archive Box (15x11x10) 1p (one pence) per day 1.30 per box (Minimum 25)
Bankers Box (15x13x10) 1.5p per day 1.75 per box (Minimum 25)
Lineprinter Box (16x16x12) 2p per day 2.50 per box (Minimum 25)
** We provide archive boxes. Store with us for 6 Months and each box is provided FOC **
Example Collection Charges (per trip)
  • File Retrieval  1 per file for next working day delivery or collection.
  • Standard Retrieval Order before 4:00pm for next working day. Up to 10 boxes at 7 per box plus 2 per box thereafter for up to a further 20 boxes.
  • Express Retrieval Order before 2:30pm for the same day delivery up to 10 boxes at 10 per box plus 3 per box thereafter for up to a further 20 boxes.
  • Emergency Retrieval Outside normal hours a charge of 100 for up to 10 boxes plus 5 per box thereafter for up to a further 20 boxes.
  • Distant or Bulk COLLECTION and DELIVERY Outside one hour of Bordon or excess of 30 Boxes; price on application.
  • Bespoke Solutions to meet individual needs
Tel. +44 (0)1420

Building 91 REME, Budds Lane, Bordon, Hampshire, GU35 0JE